Thursday, April 24, 2014

{Video} Paper Wheels Tutorial

Paper wheels are super easy to make and add a extra special touch to any party! Make various sizes and use as a backdrop. Adorn with paper or fabric accents. Add letters to create a banner. Your options are endless!

For this tutorial I used:

12x12" double-sided scrapbook paper
Scallop circle punch
Double-stick tape
Hot glue gun (always ask a parent!!)

For a medium/large wheel I cut 4, 6x12" pieces of paper. Then, I used the accordion fold to fold each sheet of paper (I fold over about 1"). Trim off any excess ends. Using double-stick tape, connect all four accordion folded sheets. Make sure all folds are facing the same way. I use hot glue and a punched circle to hold my wheels together.

Check out my quick video to give you a better idea of how to put these together:

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