Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Celebrating Earth Day

Today I decided to celebrate Earth Day with my kids by making the dirt cups with gummy worms! To make a somewhat healthier version. Trader Joe's has really good chocolate cookies you can use that do not have all the harmful ingredients (i.e. artificial coloring, flavors & preservatives). They look identical to Oreos and use natural vanilla bean for flavor. You can substitute real (homemade) whipped cream for Cool Whip. To top if off make some fresh chocolate pudding, using real cocoa & unflavored gelatin!

Since I just went to Trader Joe's and completely forgot the cookies!! UGH. I told my kids we will be making MUD CAKE! Ha ha....Pudding, real whipped cream and gummy worms.

A. Earth Day Cupcakes by Bird on a Cake
B. Earth Day Cookies by Red Couch Recipes
C. Earth Day Snack for Kids by Children Food
D. Dirt Cups with Gummy Worms by Eat At Allies

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